04 August 2012

Escape of the Dead java version

Aaron Woodard created a java version of Escape of the Dead. Thanks to him no printing required just go to the link below!

p/s: Reminder to fans and friends. Just because we posted this, it doesn't mean we are going digital :)

09 June 2012

Oh My Lair!

You are a dungeon lord and you are drinking your favourite cavern coffee when suddenly your spy informs you that a hero wants to slay you. It’s that time of the year where heroes will come out and try to destroy you and your lair. Prepare for the attack!

Oh My Lair is a solo game where you control your minion to conquer region, collect resources to summon creatures, and defeat the hero before he reaches you.

Designer Note: This game is inspired by What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord? Although it is simplified to the point of doesn't resemble the inspired game at all. Anyway just enjoy the game!

Download the game below
Oh My Lair v1.1
Oh My Lair v2.0
Oh My Lair (Spanish version)
Oh My Lair (Russian version)
Oh My Lair (French version)

01 January 2012

8-Bit Inc.

In the 80’s, Tendino, a game company, created revolutionery game console called Tendino Entertainment System (TES). Your company 8-Bit Inc. is one of the many company trying to make the best game for the system and compete them in the Game Prix Award (GPA).

Designer's note: Since I saw and played the Game Dev Story I really wanted to make a boardgame that makes game. After month and months of forming ideas, creating prototype, testing, finally we've made a similar simulation but not as details as Game Dev Story hence the title 8-Bit Inc. because you are a manager of 8-Bit Inc. and you create a game just for the Tendino Entertainment System (TES). On the last playtesting we added the Game Prix Award so you would have a goal in the game. 


Download the game below


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