20 June 2021

Oh, My Ring! (Retheme of Oh, My Lair!)

You are Sauron the king of Middle Earth, well, not until you have the power ring in your hands again. Your spies reported that a group of heroes led by a small hobbit are trying to destroy the ring in Mountain of Doom.

Stop them before it happens!

This is a retheme by threemegito pnp and Matheus L. Bernardo.

My precious! Get it here

14 November 2020

Escape of the Dead 2

Escape of the Dead 2 is a game for 1 player where the player plays as a survivor heading to the Hospital seeking for help in a zombie-infested city. Roll dice and strategically decide your fate: Will you drive as fast as possible? Or will you defend your health endlessly? Whatever you do, you always need to Survive!

Reach the hospital without depleting fuel or health along the way. The player will be encountering large groups of zombies, craft tools to help mitigate those dice luck, and stumbles into both fortunate and unfortunate events, well mostly the latter. Based on actions played throughout the game, the player will score only if the player reaches the hospital.

Important: You will need 6 six-sided dice to play the game.

Download the game here
Escape of the dead 2 Files

12 November 2020

Sand Mites Introduction

Back in 2008 or so, I found out about Metal Max Returns JRPG and I just finished Fallout 3 that time. So, an RPG like this should fill up my hunger for a post-apocalypse game.

Here's the blurb:

Metal Max is set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world, where the surviving humans cluster in underground villages and ruins while "monster hunters" fight the monsters and outlaws outside. 

I played that game day and night! Like the time when I first got Final Fantasy VII. 

What I like about the game was:

It is an open-world game, unlike other conventional popular JRPG.

Quirk humour. I mean look at the monster, a Jerrycan that produces Fire Blast and wandering all the time.

It has TANKS! A vehicle which was used to defeat scary monster outside of town. Most of them are World War 2 tanks. I learned a lot about tanks in the game. If you don’t have a tank in the game, you’re done for. Fortunately, the first mission you got was to find an abandoned tank in a crater near your small town.

Tank customization!

In later game (not Metal Max Returns) you will have a dog as a companion!

After Metal Max Returns, I had been following the RPG. I played Metal Saga in PS2 which is similar and uses 3D but it didn’t really get into it as I was pretty busy that time. Maybe one of these days.

On Jun 2020, Metal Dreamer finished translating Metal Max 3. A game I waited for 5 years since they released it in Japan. I had been playing it day and night just like when I got Metal Max Returns.

Making Metal Max tabletop has always been one of my top priority RPG to make. I even made Metal Quest boardgame but it didn't seem to be popular.

Since Kosmos RPG is not going to finish anytime soon because of me unable to pinpoint what is wrong with the game, I had decided to use that rules to make Sand Mites: Human, Tank and Doggo RPG! You could say I was trying to make a fan Metal Max RPG out of it.

Sand Mites follows Metal Max story where a supercomputer created by humans called SHIVA decided to destroy humans to prevent further ecological disasters. Rumour has it that the supercomputer was destroyed by a mysterious hunter. Now, the land is roamed by barbaric gang members and strange hybrid mechanical animal creatures. You played as a survivor of the world. Quirky humour should be in the game, I'll make sure of it!

I will post more Sand Mites in this blog as I created it.

See you later, steel cowboy.

14 April 2020

27 March 2020

Kosmos RPG: Magic Training


Magic, Psychic, Sorcery, Space Magic, etc. These words are categories in Magic training (I am changing it from Psychic to Magic).

Magic Training

Spells are described in a few words, such as Telekinesis, Mental Blast, Cure Wounds, Hold Person, Flight… You have to come up with the spells your character knows. The more precise the wording, and therefore the narrower the focus of the spell, the easier it is to use. The magic rules below explain this in further detail.

  • Each time you pick Magic Training, you're able to create 1 spell. Discuss this with your GM on the cost (in HP) and what attributes the spell uses.

Magic Rules

To cast one of your spells, you pay a hit point cost and make a check. The stat depends on your character concept and the specifics of the spell. Most often in the Kosmos, it will be INTELLECT and WILLPOWER.

Tell the GM what you are attempting. They may ask for details to decide the stat to check and how many HP you have to spend. If the GM understands what you want to do, they will give you a fair number. You can always dial back the effects to lower the cost. The HP cost can never exceed your current hit points. If the target has greater HD than your level, you have disadvantage on the check. You spend the HP before rolling.

  • On success, magic works as discussed.
  • On a failure, it doesn't work.

Note that critical rolls have additional consequences:

  • On a natural 2, the GM decides what goes wrong or picks a mishap.
  • On a natural 12, you don’t lose any HP.

A basic spell (cost 1) takes a full turn to cast. It is instantaneous, targets one creature at short range, deals or heals 1 damage, and has an inconsequential yet possibly entertaining effect. Increase the cost by 1 to 5 points for each entry:

  • generic wording: for example, any use of a spell simply called Technomancy should add at least 2
  • instant casting time
  • long-range, extra targets, or large area or effect
  • damage or healing (from a single d6 to d6+2 per character level)
  • target with more HD than the caster has levels
  • spell duration (one turn, minute, hour, day, etc. per character level)
  • practical effects (charm, phantasms, summoning, scrying, etc.)

You can also reduce the spell cost if it takes more time to cast, requires rare or expensive ingredients, or can only be completed in a temple or lab; remember:

  • do not waste everyone’s time counting beans
  • the GM will not explain what’s going on; magic is fickle and weird

Note on Magical healing: 
This is entirely up to the table, depending on your collective taste, and the kind of setting you want to have. Med-kit can be freely bought anywhere and clerical healers dispense their magic for a couple of credits. But if you want to keep it old school, I recommend that you make magical healing rare. Hit points should be a carefully managed resource.

If magical healing is allowed, a typical spell should cost 3 HP per d6 of healing, with a limit to 1d6 per character level. The GM may forbid the spellcaster from healing themselves to prevent abuse.

19 February 2020

Kosmos RPG: Specialist training

Obviously Ryu from Street Fighter 2 animation. Credit to Capcom.
A specialist ability reflects your character’s unique skill.

  • It works once a day at level one.
  • Each time you picked Specialist training you may upgrade 1 ability (i.e. once per day to twice per day, etc.).
  • The ability does not require a check.

You need to discuss with the GM to establish the ability, especially if it has a mechanical advantage or if it breaks the game in some way.

  • Ability is the only safe way to get Advantage of combat checks.

Here are some examples:

Hadouken (1/day) delivers fireball to a medium distance target, dealing 1d6 exploding damage.

Jury Rig (1/day) temporary recovers 1d6 hull of a vehicle during combat. After combat, the vehicle loses 1d6-1 hull.

Bless (1/day) all ally in short distance gain Advantage to any roll for 1d3 rounds.

11 February 2020

Kosmos RPG: Warrior Training

found it from Pinterest, I wish to credit the artist because it's awesome

  • Each time you take warrior training you increase your REST by one step (from d6 to d6+1, to a maximum of d6+2) then reroll your hit points.
    Roll your REST dice as many times as your HD and record your HP
  • Warrior training also enables characters to wield better weapon and armour.
    It means that only character with Warrior training is able to use Heavy weapon/armour.
  • When you level-up you get to pick one extra ranged or melee attacks.
    During level-up you pick either an extra ranged attack or melee attacks. During your combat turn, you make as many attack rolls as your numbers of attacks.
Well, that's pretty much Warrior training straight forward. Next stop, Specialist training!


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