19 February 2020

Kosmos RPG: Specialist training

Obviously Ryu from Street Fighter 2 animation. Credit to Capcom.
A specialist ability reflects your character’s unique skill.

  • It works once a day at level one.
  • Each time you picked Specialist training you may upgrade 1 ability (i.e. once per day to twice per day, etc.).
  • The ability does not require a check.

You need to discuss with the GM to establish the ability, especially if it has a mechanical advantage or if it breaks the game in some way.

  • Ability is the only safe way to get Advantage of combat checks.

Here are some examples:

Hadouken (1/day) delivers fireball to a medium distance target, dealing 1d6 exploding damage.

Jury Rig (1/day) temporary recovers 1d6 hull of a vehicle during combat. After combat, the vehicle loses 1d6-1 hull.

Bless (1/day) all ally in short distance gain Advantage to any roll for 1d3 rounds.

11 February 2020

Kosmos RPG: Warrior Training

found it from Pinterest, I wish to credit the artist because it's awesome

  • Each time you take warrior training you increase your REST by one step (from d6 to d6+1, to a maximum of d6+2) then reroll your hit points.
    Roll your REST dice as many times as your HD and record your HP
  • Warrior training also enables characters to wield better weapon and armour.
    It means that only character with Warrior training is able to use Heavy weapon/armour.
  • When you level-up you get to pick one extra ranged or melee attacks.
    During level-up you pick either an extra ranged attack or melee attacks. During your combat turn, you make as many attack rolls as your numbers of attacks.
Well, that's pretty much Warrior training straight forward. Next stop, Specialist training!

06 February 2020

Kosmos RPG: Making a Kosmos character

Character is the heart of every RPG, they say. I wanted to use Metatoy System but the vastness of species and jobs in a space opera setting just won't make it. So instead I used Macchiato Monster character gen with a few tweaks of my own to create characters.

Step 1: Roll 1d6 (see table below) in order for attribute: Might, Agility, Intellect and Willpower.

Roll 1d6 (attribute value)
1-2: (0)
3-5: (1)
6: (2)

* I use Metatoy attributes as I am very familiar with them.
* There's a chance that you actually roll 0 for every attribute. There's also a chance where you actually roll 2 for every attribute. Luck played a significant role in making your character and I tend to make it like that since we are all not the same (and also I get tired of making limited choices of attribute number as in Metatoy System).

Step 2: Invent a trait from these elements: race, occupation, background or faction (for example, Rockmen Gladiator)
* a trait should consist of 2 elements.

Step 3: Record 1 HD and REST 1d6.

Step 4: Choose two below (or the same entry twice)

Step 5: Roll HD, record HP.
* Here you actually roll your REST dice as many times as your HD and record your HP

Step 6: Record DEF of 7 (unless something has to do with your the speciality of your species which you have to talk with your GM and usually your speciality (armour) can be some kind of equipment like the character above. GM doesn't want your character to be powerful.)

Step 7: Roll equipment, weapon, armour, etc.
* I have yet to make equipment tables...

So there you go, A Kosmos Character! Next stop Training!


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