08 March 2017


created by Gusko

No one laughs at the master of Quack Fu!

Known also as Crazy Duck, Wild Duck (more or less all affectionately derisive), Duck Person, Duck People, etc. They are not ducks actually, but short, greedy and tough platypus-like small humanoids. They are oviparous, venomous, have brown coat coverage, leathery duck-bills, small dew claws, but no beaver tails. Duckling war-chiefs and shamans use custom clothes covered with saurian bird's feathers which strengthen the false belief that they are somewhat related to ducks. They have a knack for fighting taller creatures and a notorious mean streak.

HP: 1d6+8
Skill: Small and pick 1 skill (reserved or common)
Reserved skill: Quack Attack, Berserker Rage

[Berserker Rage] +1 to melee attack.

[Quack Attack] Duckling can redo any one roll by unleashing an angry storm of quacks to the GM. The new roll stands, even if the result is worse. This can be done once per scene.

[Small] Small character cannot use 2 handed weapon. +1 to attack and defend against enemies larger than human.

as a creature

Combat 1
Ability 1
HP 9
Damage: Claw (2, Poison), Spear (1d6) or Saber (1d6)

Duckling also usually equip with small shield (reduce 1 damage)

[Poison] Whenever Duckling successfully hits a target, the target must make PHYSICAL roll (TN 8) or loses another 1d6 damage.

Note: Gusko has sent me a lot of character classes, in fact he send me another Heroes Folio which he called Heroes Folio Addendum. All I need to do is edit this thing into a readable pdf (as everyone knows, this needs time). Thanks again Gusko. I might put some classes on the blog if you don't mind.

Also this class could be used for Mutants & Machineguns Evolved Animal class and I am working on Mutants & Machineguns right now.

Well that's enough of duck for this week, next stop finishing Mutants & Machineguns.

06 March 2017

How To Create Vehicle?

Source: bmashina.tumblr.com

Way back then, I did rules for combat vehicle but haven't found out how to create a vehicle. After testing some stuff, here is some rules to make vehicle!


Each vehicle starts with x (usually around 20-50) construction points given by GM.
  • +1 Combat per 1 point.
    This gives bonus when attacking other vehicle.
  • +1 Physical per 1 point.
    This determines the size of your vehicle and ram damage.
  • +1 Move per 1 point.
    Determines speed and handling of the vehicle. It is used for manoeuvre roll.
  • 5 HP per 1 point.
    Your standard vehicle life counter.
  • +1 DEF (starting from 5) per 1 point up to DEF 13.
    Target Number when dealing with attack.
  • 1 REDUCE per 1 point.
    When handheld and personal weapon attack this vehicle, damage rolled is reduced with REDUCE value.
  • +1 PROTECT per 1 point up until +3. For 'full' it costs 6 points.
    When someone wants to attack the occupant of the vehicle, the occupant get to add this to his/her DEF value. For PROTECT 'full', vehicle must be destroy first before getting the occupant.


Buying weapon for your vehicle also costs construction points.

Light Machinegun
(2d6) (2 points)
Medium Machinegun
(4d6) (4 points)
Heavy Machinegun
(6d6) (6 points)

(2d6) (2 points)
*Once hit by a flamethrower, each round target must make PHYSICAL roll (TN 9) to stop the flame or vehicle and/or driver suffer 1d3 damage until they manage to stop the flame. If target has FIRE EXTINGUISHER, it will negate the roll.

Rocket Launcher
(8d6) (6 points)
(2 points per rocket)
**Must install the launcher first before using

Light Tank Gun
(8d6) (8 points)
Medium Tank Gun
(9d6) (9 points)
Heavy Tank Gun
(10d6) (10 points)

Linked Weapon***
(1 point for each weapon)
***Each weapon with ‘linked weapon’ will only need the driver to make the attack roll, once. Unlinked weapon must be operated by a character.

GM are free to give 1-2 construction point for PC to modify his/her vehicle after a successful scenario using vehicle.


CHOPPER (23 construction points)

A chopper is a type of custom motorcycle which emerged in the United States in the mid-1960s. This one is modify to fight off raiders or baddies on the wasteland.



Light Machinegun [linked weapon] (2d6)(3)

02 March 2017

Ammo in LARA

When I played a gunslinging character, I usually was asked to check how many bullets I used. It seems to take the mood away as if I am counting my money. So I device some game mechanic for abstract ammo. I haven't test this that much so it is kind of experimental.

EDIT: Well Matt Steflik enhanced the game mechanic more to more of my liking. So now there's 2 option of using abstract ammo in LARA. First one is this one by me but enhanced by Matt, my preferred option.


For each ranged weapon a PC has, they also have a certain LOAD (amount of ammunition for that weapon), defined as “Lots”, “Some”, “Little” and “None”. Each weapon’s LOAD also has a base Target Number (TN). Base LOAD TN is 5. 

This information would be recorded on the character’s sheet.

For example:
SMG (single: 1d6+1 /burst: 2d6) Ammo: Lots, TN: 5

At the end of a combat where that weapon was used, the player must make a 2d6 check against the ammo’s current TN.

  • If the check is successful, the LOAD’s definition doesn’t change but the TN for the next ammo check goes up by +1 (this would be changed and recorded on the character’s sheet next to the LOAD for their weapon. If a gun was used on burst mode during the previous combat, add +2 to the TN for the next ammo check instead of +1.
  • If the check fails, the LOAD’s definition changes from “Lots” to “Some”, from “Some” to “Little” or from “Little” to “None”. When the definition changes, the TN for the ammo resets to its base value, with the exception of “None” at which point there is no remaining ammo for the weapon.

Ammunition can run down (or worse) in the middle of combat. If a fumble is rolled, flip a coin with the PC calling “heads” or “tails”. If the PC wins the toss, the LOAD’s definition changes (“Lots” to “Some”, etc.) and the ammo’s TN resets to base value. The PC will have to spend an action before using the weapon again to “reload”. If the PC fails the toss, the weapon jams. The LOAD’s definition and ammo TN do not change, but the PC has to make a TN 5 check to clear the jam from the weapon before it can be fired again.

Donnie Ducko has the SMG listed above. He uses it in combat in single shot mode against a mutant rabbit without rolling a fumble. After the combat he makes the 2d6 ammo check against the base TN of 7 and is successful. He still has “lots” of ammo, but changes his TN from 5 to 6 (TN raised by +1).

SMG (single: 1d6+1 /burst: 2d6) Ammo: Lots, TN: 6

In the next combat he fights a giant savage flower with the SMG on burst with rolling a fumble. After the combat he makes the 2d6 ammo check and is successful again. He still has “lots” but now changes his TN from 6 to 8 (TN raised by +2 because of burst).

SMG (single: 1d6+1 /burst: 2d6) Ammo: Lots, TN: 8

Then he fights a horde of turtle samurai . During the fight he makes a fumble on an attack roll and flips a coin, calling “heads”. He succeeds (yay) and his weapon’s clip clicks on empty. He changes “lots” to “some” and resets the TN of the ammo to 5 and spends his next action reloading (and trying not to get hit by a turtle).

SMG (single: 1d6+1 /burst: 2d6) Ammo: Some, TN: 5

After the fight he makes the 2d6 ammo check and succeeds. He changes the TN from 5 to 7 (+2 for burst).

SMG (single: 1d6+1 /burst: 2d6) Ammo: Some, TN: 7

Later, Donnie has another fight using the SMG and makes another check. This time he fails. He changes “some” to “little” and resets the TN of the ammo to 5.

SMG (single: 1d6+1 /burst: 2d6) Ammo: Little, TN: 5 (And so on…)

Ammunition can purchased from appropriate locations. The cost and rarity depends on the given settings. Generally speaking, the more potential damage the weapon can do, the more expensive the ammunition will be. Also, a “Little” ammo will obviously be cheaper than “Lots”. With the exception of “None”, buying/finding an equal amount of ammo that you have will raise you to the next ammo definition:

Have “Little” + Get a “Little” more = “Some”
Have “Some” + Get “Some” more = “Lots”
A PC can never carry more than “Lots” of a given type of ammo.


Really neat one by Tun, is a non-book keeping and less crunchy. So Tun point out that whenever someone FUMBLE when shooting, he is out of ammo, but still give a chance to make the roll to see if it hits or not - just for the tension and fun. With burst mode if the player roll a natural 2-4 then he is out of ammo. Player still needs to spend an action to reload though.

Player may carry ammo packs as many as GM permits.


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