08 March 2017


created by Gusko

No one laughs at the master of Quack Fu!

Known also as Crazy Duck, Wild Duck (more or less all affectionately derisive), Duck Person, Duck People, etc. They are not ducks actually, but short, greedy and tough platypus-like small humanoids. They are oviparous, venomous, have brown coat coverage, leathery duck-bills, small dew claws, but no beaver tails. Duckling war-chiefs and shamans use custom clothes covered with saurian bird's feathers which strengthen the false belief that they are somewhat related to ducks. They have a knack for fighting taller creatures and a notorious mean streak.

HP: 1d6+8
Skill: Small and pick 1 skill (reserved or common)
Reserved skill: Quack Attack, Berserker Rage

[Berserker Rage] +1 to melee attack.

[Quack Attack] Duckling can redo any one roll by unleashing an angry storm of quacks to the GM. The new roll stands, even if the result is worse. This can be done once per scene.

[Small] Small character cannot use 2 handed weapon. +1 to attack and defend against enemies larger than human.

as a creature

Combat 1
Ability 1
HP 9
Damage: Claw (2, Poison), Spear (1d6) or Saber (1d6)

Duckling also usually equip with small shield (reduce 1 damage)

[Poison] Whenever Duckling successfully hits a target, the target must make PHYSICAL roll (TN 8) or loses another 1d6 damage.

Note: Gusko has sent me a lot of character classes, in fact he send me another Heroes Folio which he called Heroes Folio Addendum. All I need to do is edit this thing into a readable pdf (as everyone knows, this needs time). Thanks again Gusko. I might put some classes on the blog if you don't mind.

Also this class could be used for Mutants & Machineguns Evolved Animal class and I am working on Mutants & Machineguns right now.

Well that's enough of duck for this week, next stop finishing Mutants & Machineguns.

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