14 November 2020

Escape of the Dead 2

Escape of the Dead 2 is a game for 1 player where the player plays as a survivor heading to the Hospital seeking for help in a zombie-infested city. Roll dice and strategically decide your fate: Will you drive as fast as possible? Or will you defend your health endlessly? Whatever you do, you always need to Survive!

Reach the hospital without depleting fuel or health along the way. The player will be encountering large groups of zombies, craft tools to help mitigate those dice luck, and stumbles into both fortunate and unfortunate events, well mostly the latter. Based on actions played throughout the game, the player will score only if the player reaches the hospital.

Important: You will need 6 six-sided dice to play the game.

Download the game here
Escape of the dead 2 Files

12 November 2020

Sand Mites Introduction

Back in 2008 or so, I found out about Metal Max Returns JRPG and I just finished Fallout 3 that time. So, an RPG like this should fill up my hunger for a post-apocalypse game.

Here's the blurb:

Metal Max is set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world, where the surviving humans cluster in underground villages and ruins while "monster hunters" fight the monsters and outlaws outside. 

I played that game day and night! Like the time when I first got Final Fantasy VII. 

What I like about the game was:

It is an open-world game, unlike other conventional popular JRPG.

Quirk humour. I mean look at the monster, a Jerrycan that produces Fire Blast and wandering all the time.

It has TANKS! A vehicle which was used to defeat scary monster outside of town. Most of them are World War 2 tanks. I learned a lot about tanks in the game. If you don’t have a tank in the game, you’re done for. Fortunately, the first mission you got was to find an abandoned tank in a crater near your small town.

Tank customization!

In later game (not Metal Max Returns) you will have a dog as a companion!

After Metal Max Returns, I had been following the RPG. I played Metal Saga in PS2 which is similar and uses 3D but it didn’t really get into it as I was pretty busy that time. Maybe one of these days.

On Jun 2020, Metal Dreamer finished translating Metal Max 3. A game I waited for 5 years since they released it in Japan. I had been playing it day and night just like when I got Metal Max Returns.

Making Metal Max tabletop has always been one of my top priority RPG to make. I even made Metal Quest boardgame but it didn't seem to be popular.

Since Kosmos RPG is not going to finish anytime soon because of me unable to pinpoint what is wrong with the game, I had decided to use that rules to make Sand Mites: Human, Tank and Doggo RPG! You could say I was trying to make a fan Metal Max RPG out of it.

Sand Mites follows Metal Max story where a supercomputer created by humans called SHIVA decided to destroy humans to prevent further ecological disasters. Rumour has it that the supercomputer was destroyed by a mysterious hunter. Now, the land is roamed by barbaric gang members and strange hybrid mechanical animal creatures. You played as a survivor of the world. Quirky humour should be in the game, I'll make sure of it!

I will post more Sand Mites in this blog as I created it.

See you later, steel cowboy.


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