14 November 2020

Escape of the Dead 2

Escape of the Dead 2 is a game for 1 player where the player plays as a survivor heading to the Hospital seeking for help in a zombie-infested city. Roll dice and strategically decide your fate: Will you drive as fast as possible? Or will you defend your health endlessly? Whatever you do, you always need to Survive!

Reach the hospital without depleting fuel or health along the way. The player will be encountering large groups of zombies, craft tools to help mitigate those dice luck, and stumbles into both fortunate and unfortunate events, well mostly the latter. Based on actions played throughout the game, the player will score only if the player reaches the hospital.

Important: You will need 6 six-sided dice to play the game.

Download the game here
Escape of the dead 2 Files


  1. Surgiram algumas dúvidas:
    1) Os dados são rolados antes de atribuir cada um deles nos locais desejados do tabuleiro/ferramentas? Ou tem que alocar dados previamente para depois rolá-los e ver se tivemos sucesso?
    2) Como funcionam as ferramentas? É possível colocar dados nela quando estão as 3 lá em cima ou temos que colocar quando conseguimos pegar a carta de ferramenta pra nós (quando conseguimos construir)?
    3) Como funcionam as áreas "repetível"? Podemos jogar quantas vezes quisermos os dados no mesmo turno até termos sucesso?

  2. Some doubts arose:
    1) Are the dice rolled before assigning each one to the desired locations on the board / tools? Or do you have to allocate data beforehand and then roll it over and see if we were successful?
    2) How do the tools work? Is it possible to put data in it when the 3 are up there or do we have to put it when we can get the tool card for us (when we can build)?
    3) How do the "repeatable" areas work? Can we play as many times as we want the dice in the same turn until we are successful?

  3. 1) Dice are roll before they are placed on any of the action. During upkeep phase you'll roll your dice then during action phase you may use the rolled dice on any legal action spaces. Basically, roll dice first, place dice on action spot, do action immediately.
    2) Tools can only be use once you've managed to craft said tool (reaching the star symbol on the crafting track). And only then you may use them either to place dice on the tool, flip the tool, or have a permanent ability tool.
    3) Yes, repeatable action means you may use that action as many times as you can in the same turn.



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