18 November 2019

Metatoy System V 1.5 is out!

After a lot of playing and thinking, finally Metatoy System v1.5 is out! Here's what is new:

  • TN (Target Number) for task is now fixed at 9!
  • Spells and Prayers that uses TN followed the rule above.
  • Initiative is simplified to follow the OSR rules.
  • a new Price Roll economy!
  • a few new illustration (actually just 2)
  • a new cover!

23 September 2019

The Mini Quest 2

I thought of updating The Mini Quest for a long time now, but somehow I don't know what to update and seems to have no free time like was back then. Out of the blue, suddenly a few days ago, Pierrot my friend has made this! 

Download them guys!

I mean Go to his place and download Pierrot Sayz! GO!

Meanwhile I am still doing Metatoy #1. Expect Maid, Dwarf and Elf!

11 May 2019

Metatoy System SRD

I released the Metatoy System SRD. It's in word doc form. The document is targeted to designer who wanted to create their own version of rpg using the system. Warning though, there's no illustrations inside, hence it's free.

Note: I had also included it in the drivethrurpg link, though that one you have to pay.


16 April 2019

Pendekar Mata Satu using Metatoy System

I accidentally watched Pendekar Mata Satu and its sequel Pendekar Mata Satu Lawan Sabuk Badak in Youtube during the weekend. Basically, it's the Indonesian/Malaysian version of Conan. I bet not a lot of people knew this especially the sequel!

So I drew this and stats them using Metatoy...  

04 January 2019

Update on Metatoy System: Vehicles

taken from Fast & Furious
There's an update on Metatoy System Vehicle on RAMMING. As pointed by Alexander Macey, in his words:

"Ran a test scenario, and ran into a weird situation. Using the tank and bike you have here, the bike rams the tank. Bike gets damaged pretty badly, does tiny damage to the tank. That makes sense. Tank rams the bike, and the tank takes 10 damage and destroys the bike. That seems kinda extreme damage to the tank. ramming is actually a more valid tactic for small hp vehicles, so a couple of cars could ram a tank to bits, but a tank could only ever ram two motorcycles before blowing up. "

So, I actually thought a lot about it and how to make it exciting without too much calculation or stressing the GM. I thought of doing the HD as damage stuff as I prefer rolling the damage BUT that's not really in my mind right now. I think I found a solution after woke up at 2 am thinking about this. See below for the current rules for ramming:

Ramming: Ram can only be done in Close distance. Driver/Pilot makes MNV roll vs. target DEF. If successful, both roll their ram damage. With the attacking vehicle getting a +1 damage. See below.

Ram Damage: When attackers successfully rammed their target, both attacker and target roll Ram Damage with something to consider below:
  • Base Ram Damage for the same scale is 1d6 (+1 for the attackers)
  • +1d6 for one scale larger, +2d6 for two-scale larger and so on.

Note: A Character cannot ram a vehicle and won't do any damage. This is also true when you're riding a bicycle or even a motorcycle. Most big creature is the scale of Personal (Chobos, Bizzarian, etc) and Vehicle (Rhino, Elephant, etc)

p/s: I can't find ramming gif online. My Goggle fu is not strong enough.


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