20 December 2011

Emergency Earth

Earth was attacked before by aliens but never this big. Citizen of earth now depends on your team, the one and only Earth Defense Force (EDF), the one who saves earth an hour ago from zombie attack to once again defend earth from danger. Emergency Earth is a solo game in which you took in charge to defend earth from danger.

Designer note: This is one of the game promised from the previous post. Actually this game is done later after the one that we will to post in January 2012 (little spoiler, the game is about a game company making games!). Anyway, when Jason created this game it was an orc invading game similar in the line of Age of War -or is it. Later after some discussion we decided to make it alien invading earth, while the Earth Defense Force is actually army from the 50's. 

Last but not least MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE! This would be our gift to every player and reader of this blog for Christmas :D

Download the game below


  1. Your games are just wonderful. Fun to play, and a great way to introduce new players to the boardgaming and rpg experience.

  2. Thanks ravensron! We appreciate your compliment.

    I wonder how does our game introduce rpg experience to new players?

  3. Your games are lot of surprises !!

  4. The line between a board game or miniatures game, and an rpg, is that the players become invested in their characters, come to like the idea of a character surviving from game-to-game. When a boardgame intrigues new players enough to explore "what else can my character do?" they become receptive to the idea of role-playing.

  5. Hi Deludis,
    I do hope the surprises is good for you :D:D:D

  6. ravensron> that was a very interesting - if somehow EP did an rpg would you like to try it? (that includes giving comment/critique :D)

  7. If you are interested I've a Pdf or a Jpg file for a colour version of EE.

  8. Hey guys! I'm new to this print & play stuff (discovered this hole new world a couple weeks ago) but I really liked your amazing games! And I did something that I don't know if you will approve or not... I translated this one (Emergency Earth) to my language, brazilian portuguese, and I intend to translate others if you allow me to do so. I don't have a blog or any kind of website where to publish, just did it whit the intention to pass it on to my friends (foreign language can be an obstacle sometimes)... Hope you don't mind.
    Keep the excellent work!

  9. Hey Jef! We don't mind you translate our game :) We understand about the foreign language, we ourselves are not user of English language.

    Anyway, if you manage to make a pdf out of it send email to us so we can put it here on this page!


  10. Another brazilian interested in your games. Just donwloaded and ll check it out soon. Hope for more translations :D

  11. Hey Igor! Well it depends on fan translating :) Maybe you want to try translate some of our games :D

    Anyway, Thank you for playing!

  12. I've just played Emergency Earth! and I think that it's a fabulous solo game! Excelent! I've downloaded it from "Why Not Games", translated to spanish.

    Thanks for your games again.

  13. @Santiago Eximeno> Thank you for playing! and Thank you Why Not Games! :)

    So when will you translate your game in English?

  14. :)

    I want to translate several microgames that I've designed to english, but... I need timeeeeee! :)

    When I translate them I'll say you, I promise.



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