16 June 2016

[Savage Flower Kingdom Class] Halfling


Small and cheerful, Halflings are curious, suspicious and extremely courageous Beings.  When They hear the call of adventure your stealth skill and luck make Them great adventurers.

HP : 1d6 + 8 CP : 7
Skill : Small, and Pick 1 skill (reserved or common)
Reserved Skills : Stealth, Bravery, Drunken Master, Negotiator, Lucky One

New Skills
* Stealth- Add +1 Physical rolls to hide, move in silence and surprise others (+2 When mastered).
* Bravery- +1 Add to Mental rolls against fear effects (+2 When mastered).
Small-Small character can not use 2 hand weapons and add +1 to attack and defense against enemies larger than the human.

Note: Felippe created this missing Halfling for Savage Flower Kingdom and I found it in his rpg blog. Thanks for letting me put this in epgames! I've been meaning to create Halfling since Savage Flower Kingdom v2 but decided to put it away as my Halfling is kind of weird. Whatever it is, Game on!


  1. Wow, I'm waiting for a personalizated image...But waiting for more material for savage flower kingdom!

    1. I did drew a halfling but haven't got the time to ink it and scan it yet. I will change it later

  2. Now I want to learn more of the missing WEIRD halfling! XD

    1. basically all halfling are female, there's a 1 out of 6 chances of being the male and usually they don't go for adventure. The female looks a lot like little girl instead of a small humanoid. There's some skill but I forgot about it.



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