30 August 2016

LARA Vehicle Combat Rules


At the beginning of chase combat every vehicle make a manoeuvre roll (2d6 +  drive skill + vehicle's Move bonus) trying to get better position. Loser gets a +1 bonus for the next manoeuvre rolls and it is cumulative until he wins. You can represent that +1 as tokens or coins for easy reference.
The winner picks one of the options below:

ATTACK Player rolls 2d6 + gunner skill + vehicle's Combat bonus. If the result is equal or higher than target’s DEF, the attack hits. Roll weapon damage and apply it to target’s HP.

CLOSE Player move close to target vehicle. If he wins manoeuvre roll next turn he can RAM the target vehicle or attack using PERSONAL WEAPON to occupant.

DISENGAGED Player disengaged from chasing. If he wins manoeuvre rolls next turn he can ESCAPE.

ESCAPE Player escape from the chase.

RAM You ram target vehicle! Roll d6 equal to your vehicle's Physical and apply it to target vehicle’s HP. While, target vehicle rolls d6 half his vehicle's Physical score and apply it to your vehicle's HP. If you wins manoeuvre rolls next turn, you can RAM once more.

PERSONAL WEAPON Make an attack roll. Victim must be in target vehicle car and he received DEF bonus of the vehicle he is in when attacked.

When the winner had taken his turn, all vehicle make manoeuvre roll once again. Repeat until one side loses.

When that happens, someone (usually the driver) make a 1d6 roll on the Oh, My Vehicle! table below.

Oh, My Vehicle! Table
Vehicle blows up destroying everything including the occupant.
Vehicle blows up dealing 8d6 damage to all occupant. Vehicle cannot be repaired.
Vehicle blows up dealing 6d6 damage to all occupant. Vehicle can be repaired. Combat, Move and Physical are reduced by 1 permanently.
Vehicle blows up dealing 4d6 damage to all occupant. Vehicle can be repaired. 2 stats are reduced by 1 permanently (choose from Combat, Move, Physical)
Vehicle blows up dealing 2d6 damage to all occupant. Vehicle can be repaired. 1 stats are reduced by 1 permanently (choose from Combat, Move, Physical)
Vehicle stops. No damage dealt to occupant. Vehicle can be repaired.

Here are some vehicle stats for everyone to play. I stat Mad Max Fury War Rig and Nux Buggy

War Rig
DEF 9, HP 65, Combat 1, Physical 6, Move 0, Reduce 10, Protect +3,
Personal Weapon: Guns (1d6), Shotgun (2d6), Flaregun (1d6, target stunt)

Max Rockatansky 
Physical 4, Mental 2, Combat 4, Social 1, HP 25, DEF 7
Skill: Ace Driver: roll 3d6 and pick 2 of the best when rolling involving driving, Drive (2) +2 to when manoeuvring vehicle.

Imperator Furiosa
Physical 2, Mental 3, Combat 3, Social 2, HP 18, DEF 7
Skill: Drive (2), Sharpeyes +2 when shooting.

Nux Buggy
DEF 8, HP 40, Combat 1, Physical 3, Move 2, Reduce 3, Protect +2,
Weapon: Thunderstick x 6 (3d6)
Mod: Nitrobooster (user can choose CLOSE or DISENGAGED without rolling)

Physical 1, Mental 3, Combat 1, Social 1, HP 12, DEF 7
Skill: Drive (1) +1 when manoeuvring vehicle.

Physical 1, Mental 2, Combat 1, Social 1, HP 12, DEF 7

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  1. Out-and-out fun stuff, Sondoh-san, but there's a lot of silence on EP lately... Please post more of your very cool roleplaying stuff!



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