11 June 2009

The Nasi Lemak Stand

Its recess time at Adam High School. Apparently, some student doesn’t really like the school canteen’s food. So, instead of buying them there, they go outside of school and buy uncle Gram’s delicious nasi lemak (na-see le-mak, Malay delicacy, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nasi_lemak) which is located right outside of the school compound, and it is very popular with uncle Gram special topping (i.e the extra egg, beef and squid). This is where the game comes in. You are to play as uncle Gram and collect as many points as possible before recess time is over, remember the faster you serve your customer, the more point you get. Oh yeah it’s a solo game.

you can download the game rules here!
and the board game and counter here!


  1. one player only ni mas... great for people like err yang ndada kawan to play...

  2. alar aku mo multiplay. i feel ronery if play alone XD



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